A content management system keeps record of each bit of content on your website. Much like your neighborhood library keeps track of books and stores them.

Substance can be –

·         Basic content

·         Photographs

·         Music

·         Feature

·         Reports

·         Or pretty much anything you can consider

We as Apt IT Solutions, builds the CMS system as user would be able to take login into the website/system and can publish, organize, edit and maintain the content.

Followings are the advantages of using Content Management System –

·         Assist content authors in creating and updating content easily

·         Relieve technical resources from the burden of being involved in web site updates

·         Ensure consistent look and feel and functionality

·         Facilitate content reuse and interoperability

·         Improve overall quality of web sites

·         Enable web site owners to be able to respond to change quickly, at a lowered risk

·         Cost effective

·         Easy to Update and Manage

·         SEO friendly