Industry Connect

Engage in real-world projects.Hands-on internships, and interactive workshops.Gain practical experience,enhance your skills, and connect with industry professionals for carrer growth and development.

"Empowering Futures: Industry Engagement with APT IT Solutions"


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About Projects

Projects are offered in collaboration with APSCHE to provide valuable learning experiences to graduate students, preparing them for the industry.

Diverse Project Opportunities

Explore a wide range of projects including technology, innovation, marketing, and research to match various skills and interests.

Professional Development

Engage in projects that challenge your skills, broaden your experience, and contribute to your portfolio.


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About Internships

Internships, in collaboration with APSCHE, provide valuable learning experiences, shaping students for industry readiness.

Skill Development

Apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings to develop essential skills not covered in academic courses.

Real-World Experience

Gain insights into industry practices, company culture, and professional expectations through internships.


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About Workshops

Workshops, in collaboration with APSCHE, offer valuable learning experiences to graduate students.

Diverse Workshop Topics

Explore a wide range of topics covering technology, design, business, and more for all skill levels.

Hands-on Learning

Our workshops provide practical, hands-on learning experiences to acquire new skills and enhance creativity.