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Terms of Use

The following T&C govern the use of APT IT SOLUTIONSProducts, Services and its content as published on our Website. By using the Site for information, content or materials available on our Website, you irrevocably agree that such use is subject to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree, you may not use the Site APT IT SOLUTIONS reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at any point of time on its sole discretion and without notice. Any continued usage of the Site after the posting of such modified Terms of Use shall be deemed to indicate your irrevocable agreement to such modified Terms of Use. Accordingly, if you do not agree to any modified Terms of Use, you may no longer use the Site.


(a) APT IT SOLUTIONS Content: Except as may be otherwise noted, the content (including, without limitation, HTML, text, audio, videos, software and FAQs and other content) available on this website collectively are the copyrighted works of APT IT SOLUTIONS and its licensors/ associated authors expressly retain all right title and interest in and to APT IT SOLUTIONS. As Content, without limitation, all intellectual property rights therein and thereto. Except as explicitly permitted in these Terms of Use, any unauthorized usage of the APT IT SOLUTIONS Content by anybody who is outside APT IT SOLUTIONS’s Management or anywhere outside APT IT SOLUTIONS website or event supported by APT IT SOLUTIONS and will be treated as the defilement of copyrights and other applicable laws.

(b) Third Party Content: In addition to APT IT SOLUTIONS’s content, the Site may contain information and materials provided to APT IT SOLUTIONS by third parties which may be subject to these Terms of Use, Third Party Content may also be subject to change without prior notice in any way. Please contact the management of APT IT Solutions and/or appropriate further information on Third Party Content.

(c) Limited Usage of Site Content License: APT IT SOLUTIONS grants you the limited rights to use the contents of this site by displaying the Site Content on your computer for downloading and printing pages from the Site subject to condition that (i) you use it only for your personal, education and with non-commercial intention, (ii) you will not modify or prepare derivative works from the Site Content, and will not obscure, alter or remove any notice of copyright or Site Content(s), (iii) you will not copy any part of this Site Content to any other media in any format or other storage methods.

(d) User Content: If you opt to display any user content or display , post, submit or make available to others, on the Site any content or works of authorship, albums, software , audio/video files, text, or any other material form, without limitation, you hereby grant to APT IT SOLUTIONS a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, un-restricted right and license, including the right to grant sub licenses to third parties to use, publicly display, publicly perform, re-write, prepare and deliver such User Content, for any reason. In addition, you hereby irrevocably represent and warrant to APT IT SOLUTIONS that (i) you have the empowerment, title, right, authority and/or licenses to grant to APT IT SOLUTIONS the foregoing right and license and (ii) the posting, proposal, demonstration by you of User Content on the Site, and the subsequent efforts by APT IT SOLUTIONS of the foregoing license does not and will not (1) defy any law or (2) you impinge on any intellectual property right of any third party. You hereby irretrievably agree to indemnify, defend and hold APT IT SOLUTIONS or nay one representing it harmless from and against any and all loss, costs, recompenses, obligations and expenses arising out of or related to any third party claim arising from a contravention of the foregoing representations and warranties

(e) Trademarks: All trademarks, services and logos displayed on the Site are the property of APT IT SOLUTIONS or third parties with their consent and you may not use such Marks without the express, prior written acceptance of APT IT SOLUTIONS or the applicable third party.

(f) Site Content Monitoring: APT IT SOLUTIONS may, but is not compelled to, monitor Site Content, User Content and your use of the Site. APT IT SOLUTIONS reserves the right to accept, discard or append any Site Content or User Content, but assumes no liability based on its acceptance, rejection, revision or failure to amend any Site Content or User Content.


(a) Submission of User Content: In connection para (d), you agree not to submit any User Content which (i) is illegitimate, (ii) disrupts any right of promotional or invades the concealment of others, (iii) creates conflicts, pornographic, impolite, irreverent or otherwise abhorrent material, (iv) is prejudiced, unacceptable or biased toward, or offensive of, any group or individual, (v) is vilifying or defamatory or (vi) disrupts any applicable law or government regulation.

(b) Prohibited Conduct: You are not authorized to submit, add a link to (i) any increase your personal income source, sale of your products or service that is competitive with APT IT SOLUTIONS products or services or (ii) software or programs which contain any toxic code, including, but not limited to, viruses, bugs, worms, time bombs or Trojan horses. You may not deploy any mechanism to hack the Site any robot, spider, site abstract / retrieval application, or other approach designed to pull data, index, “data mine,” information from the Site

(c) Registered Users: As a registered user you should have authenticated credentials to gain access to support or other limited access parts of the Site. By doing so you agree (i) that the information you provide to APT IT SOLUTIONS in connection with your registration will be complete and accurate, (ii) not to choose any invalid user name that breaches any law or intangible asset of others, or is offensive; provided that APT IT SOLUTIONS reserves the right to reject the use of any such user name for any reason or no reason, (iii) will not transfer, attempt to sell, communicate or assign the right to use the Site to any third party without the prior written approval / consent of APT IT SOLUTIONS and (iv) abide to keep your user name and password confidential and not reveal it or permit any third party to use on your behalf to access the Site. You further agree that you will stand responsible for any unauthorized or breach of security related events

(d) Indemnification: You hereby solemnly agree to guarantee, defend and hold APT IT SOLUTIONS, its partners, management, officers, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all losses, costs, recompenses, obligations and overheads (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or related to you use of the Site

(e) Export Control: You hereby confer and undertake that (i) you understand and accept that some Site Content may be subject to export / import restrictions for/to APT IT SOLUTIONS under applicable laws, (ii) you will not use the contents of this site in any way that violates the local Export Administration laws in INDIA /elsewhere in the world (iii) you are not triggered, under the influence of, or a national any country to which INDIA have illicit supplies.


APT IT SOLUTIONS website may include links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by APT IT SOLUTIONS and are purely for educational purpose. You agree that APT IT SOLUTIONS provides links to such websites solely as a convenience and takes no obligation for the content or availability of such websites, and that APT IT SOLUTIONS does not endorse such websites or any products or services associated therewith. Your use of such websites will be subject acceptance of their terms of use.

* All disputes are subject to Hyderabad jurisdiction only.